• Mini Donut Machine set INTERZAG


    Mini Donut 

    Machine set INTERZAG

    1011F is a low-cost donut machine that produces both donut rings and donut balls / loukoumades with size adjuster for the desired outcome.
    Plungers are made of stainless steel and plastic POM.
    Easy to be assembled and operated.
    With frying screen to dip the donut balls into the oil.
    Removable rack with proofing tray for collecting donuts.
    • Stainless steel body
    • POM plastic plungers
    • Aluminium hopper
    • Plunger for donut (7 - 9 cm)
    • Plunger for 2 donut balls - loukoumades (2.5 - 5 cm)
    • Size adjuster
    • Mounting arms included
    • Thermostat with extra safety function
    • Frying screen with handle
    • Rack with proofing tray
    Fryer: 560x500x320mm
    Depositor: 410x400x450mm
    Hopper: 5 liters
    Tank: 14 liters
    15.6 Kg
    (specify at time of order)
    220-230V, 1 ph, 6kW (2 x 3kW), 26A
    380-400V, 2ph, 6kW, 9A