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    Rapid Glass Chiller


    Frozen glasses within seconds with less time and cost!

    IC1 Chiller is a carbon dioxide glass cooling machine which instantly freezes your drinks through an eye-catching exprerience. During the cooling process, it destroys any bacteria on the glass, without adultering the taste of your drinks. It improves also the taste of your drinks as it doesn't melt, and also maintains the carbon they already hold. LED lights together with the fog, create an eye-catching attraction for customers. Features Stainless steel construction Instant cooling for any type of glasses Low cost No mounting arm or appropriate surface required Connection Co2 cylinder with dip tube Working room temperature Lower than 30°C Consumption A 10Kg Co2 cylinder freezes up to 200 glasses Dimensions 160 x 330 x 440mm Hose length 150cm Weight 3.7 Kg.

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