Quick And Easy Leasing!


  • Are you opening a new restaurant and need to finance the cooking equipment and refrigeration?
  • Maybe you are opening a bar and require a draft beer dispenser, ice machine, glass cooler or Dishwasher, blenders and a wine cooler?
  • Does your new franchise require specialty restaurant equipment that you don’t have the existing budget to purchase?
  • Do you need a new piece of equipment that just wasn’t in the budget?
  • If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help!

Businesses today need the best commercial equipment and best equipment financing available to stay competitive, operate efficiently and deliver high quality products and services. We make equipment leasing and equipment financing easy at Continental Restaurant Equipment. To lease commercial equipment from the leading equipment finance company in Canada  Should you need special assistance with equipment leasing because you are a new company, have damaged credit, or happen to be buying unique equipment for your unique business ... we have the equipment finance experts that will help you find the best equipment lease options available.

. Lease or finance to own

. Longer-term contracts

. Lower monthly carrying costs

. $10 or 10% end of term options

. All types of equipment