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SANTOS #28 Fruit And Vegetable Juice Extractor

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ID: 24757 Brand: SantosThis professional fruit and vegetable juicer accepts any kind of fruits and vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, grapes, cucumbers, apples, celery, ginger, pineapple, melon) It produces up to 100 litres of juice per hour and allows you to make all fruit and vegetable juice, cocktails, sauce, ice cream, sorbets.
  • Equipped with a powerful induction motor for intensive use Maximum juice extraction: excellent yield
  • Perfect filtration: large basket with very fine sieve (0.5 mm / 0.02″) offering a high quality juice
  • Delivered with a special key for screwing and unscrewing the basket.
  • Introduction: 68 mm diameter
  • Spout height: 222 mm (9″) to make juice in a glass or in a jug
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SANTOS #38 Citrus Juice Extractor

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• Unbreakable sanitary polycarbonate bowl • 3 Removable cones – 1 for lemons and oranges, 1 for grapefruits, 1 for limes
The unique juicer that you can clean quickly and easily, just wash the removable perforated strainer in a simple movement. (NSF approved). One removable perforated strainer with centrifugal action and maximum filtration of pulp. For limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruits. Stainless steel 18 /10.
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