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Lamber M115EK LR High-Temperature Conveyor Dishwasher 70 baskets/hr

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ID: 157
  • LR = Left to right
  • Completely automatic
  • Stainless Steel wash and rinse arms are interchangeable and easily disassembled
  • 3 Upper and 2 lower wash arms (140°F / 60°C)
  • 1 Upper and 1 lower rinse arm (185-194°F, 85-90°C)
  • Double wall thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Slanted tank with rounded edges
  • Automatic tank loading
  • Stainless steel auto-draining wash pump
  • Counterbalanced door
  • Tank and pump filters
  • Insulated boiler
  • Front access to maintenance panel
  • *Tables not included
Drain tempering valve and fitting kits are available.
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Lamber M150 ED 210 Racks/Hour High Temperature Conveyer Dishwasher

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ID: 1011 Brand: LamberTHE ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE If you are looking for one of the most dependable, cost efficient and highest quality line of ware washing equipment, Lamber's array of products is the sure choice.  ALL models are constructed of AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel inside and out. Standard features include stainless steel wash and rinse arms (top & bottom), high temperature BOOSTERS (no SANITIZERS required), easy to use digital controls and water consumption as low as 1/2 gallon of water per cycle on most models (providing enormous savings on soap and rinse costs).
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