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Eurodib SFE02710 – Commercial Conveyor Toaster 600 slices per hour

ID: 1488 Brands: Eurodib This unit is heated by dual robust metal Incoloy heating elements and the adjustable controls allow the operators to vary the amount of toasting. The unit can be adapted for pass-through or return operation and has a large opening that makes it suitable for bagels and muffins... Stainless steel construction. Top and bottom metal heating elements. Dual function energy and speed performance control. 3 heat control?  Dual top and bottom element heating?  Top element heating?  ECO energy-saving feature. Variable speed control of the conveyor belt. Pass-through and return operation. Removable feeder rack and crumb tray. Removable crumb/grease tray. Large cavity opening for bagels, muffins: 2.2". Nonslip adjustable legs
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