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IKON ITG-48E Griddle

IKON electric griddle are designed to be reliable, efficient and accurate. Each 12 section has its own independent temperature Control providing even cooking of a variety of products at the same time.
  • Operate on 208V/240V service , 50/60Hz Per 12 setion of griddle, 3kW at 208V; 4kW at 240V
  • 1” Plate thickness   
  • Temperature controlled by snap action thermostats from 150°F (66°C) up to 450°F (232°C)
  • One grease drawer on 12” 24” 36” models, two grease drawers on 48” models
  • Hard wire to an appropriate electrical connection 
  • Stainless steel front and sides
  • Supplied with 4”(102 mm) legs that are adjustable up to 1.375” (35 mm)
  • Clearance, Side 1” back 1” with wall
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Sierra SRTG-48 Natural gas countertop Griddle



• Available in 24” (610 mm), 36” (915 mm), 48”(1,220 mm) and 60”(1,525 mm) width. • Stainless steel front and sides. • 12" Splash guards. • 3/4” (19.05 mm) thick polished carbon steel working griddle plate. • Fully welded griddle plate. • Enameled burners placed every 12", providing uniformity when operating. • 200-575°F Energy-saving adjustable thermostat to control desired griddle plate surface temperature. • Accessible pilots through front panel. • Orange paint injected aluminum knobs providing for better toughness and durability. • 1- year parts and labor warranty. • 4" adjustable chromed carbon steel legs. • Units are shipped ready for Natural Gas(NG). A Propane Gas(LP) conversion kit and NG/LP regulator is supplied with the unit. • Easily removable stainless steel griddle grease trap.

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