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SANTOS #55 Automatic Espresso Coffee Grinder

ID: 24770 Brand: Santos The automatic coffee grinder # 55 dispenses the precise dose of coffee for 1 or 2 espressos, directly into the filter holder. Ideal for bars, hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops, it stands beside the traditional 1, 2, or 3 groups espresso machine. The automatic coffee grinder # 55 guarantees a fresh ground coffee with all its flavors.
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SANTOS #63 Coffee Shop Grinder

ID: 24777 Brand: Santos Santos' #63 Coffee Shop Grinder is the ideal appliance for all stores which distribute large quantities of ground coffee: coffee shops, supermarkets and roasting establishments. Fast, precise and reliable, it makes a quality grinding thanks to its precise setting and its Ø 120mm grinding discs, designed and manufactured by Santos. Perfect to make turkish coffee.
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