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Sierra SRF-40/50 Gas 16″ Wide Fryer

  • The Sierra all-purpose fryers feature outstanding reliability and durability.
  • Capable of cooking a wide variety of fried foods with consistent uniformity and great taste.
  • Three highly efficient cast iron burners and stainless steel tubes create a large heat transfer area for even heat distribution.
  • 120,000 BTUs/hr

Sierra SRF-SC-40/50 Natural gas or LP 15-1/2″ Wide Fryer

  • Five, highly efficient tube red, cast iron burners create a large heat-transfer area for reliable, even heat distribution.
  • Our durable temperature probe senses temperature changes and activates a quick burner response.
  • The temperature for the SRF-SC-75/80 ranges from 180°F (82°C) to 375°F (190°C). Includes safety control system.
  • Every inch of the fry tank and cold zone can be cleaned and wiped down by hand.
  • The large cold zone and forward sloping bottom help collect and remove sediment from the fry tank to safeguard oil quality and support routine fry tank cleaning.