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34” x 34” Stainless steel tandoor clay oven – natural gas item: 44385

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Cook your authentic and favorite dish with Omcan's tandoor clay oven. Fueled with natural gas, this oven cooks very quickly without burning. It also produces tender, tastier meat as it preserves all the flavors and juices while cooking. Each tandoor includes: skewers for cooking, tawa (hot plate), clay balls, and gaddi for naan making. Also comes with repair kit: includes 1 jar of seasoning (to prevent clay breakage) and additional clay for the clay pot. Shipped on Pallet.Natural Gas regulator for each tandoor ovens must be purchased separately. Disclaimer: Our clay pot integrity is reliant on the way it is handled in the kitchen. The usual life for the integrity of the pot is five years. For this reason, our clay pot is not under warranty.Conversion Kit sold separately (item: AJ376) 
  • INTERNAL POT: Clay / Handcrafted OUTER BOX: Stainless steel CLAY POT HEIGHT: 29” CLAY POT THICKNESS: 1 1/2" LID SIZE: 23” GAS BURNER (UMBRELLA): 12” GAS BURNER (PIPE EXTENSION): 18” OVER-ALL DIMENSIONS (DWH): 34” x 34” x 36” NET WEIGHT: 610.68 lbs. / 277 kg.
  • Optional Accessories Item 68123: Additional clay balls (Set of 30) Item 68124: Additional skewers (Set of 12)
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