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Eurodib C-TRONIC 9VT Food Processor

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ID: 853
  • Sturdy body constructed in die-cast and extruded aluminum
  • Motor and tank side-by-side, allowing the product to be isolated from the heat
  • Tank in 18/10 stainless steel with heat-diffusing bottom, and handles for an excellent handling and easy removal during cleaning and maintenance
  • High efficiency ventilated motor for continuous operation
  • Strong cutlery steel knives
  • Safety micro-switch on lid
  • Micro-switch on lever
  • Lid in transparent Tritan* allowing excellent visibility during processing
  • Lid with opening to add ingredients during operation
  • Standard speed control
  • Variotronic system: Stabilized speed variator
  • Included: Spatula, sharpening stones, standard cutting blade
  • Blade options: Serrated, perforated or blade for pesto
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