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Chinook 20 Premium Chamber Vacuum Machine

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CHINOOK Vacuum Packaging Machines will adapt to whatever you throw at them! Programmable interface for a varied use that offers you the most sizing options. All units are manufactured in the Netherlands, equipped with Busch pumps, a self-maintenance program, and are NSF & ETL certified.Includes a 10 program panel featuring: % of Vacuum VAC+ Seal time Soft air Sensor control* Liquid control** (optional) Gas flush (optional)*Sensor Control: Vacuum process will end when the preset percentage has been reached.**Liquid Control: Prevents liquids from boiling during the vacuum process. When the boiling point is detected, the vacuum process stops and the bag is sealed with no loss of moisture. Product, pump and vacuum chamber are equally protected.Options can be installed at purchase or shipped separately. Professional installation required.


Seal Bar: 20″ Chamber size: 14.2″L x 24.5″W x 7″H Pump Speed: 21 m³h Machine cycle: 15-35 sec Busch Pump: Powerful, reliable and maintenance friendly
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